Mapping Machines

Teaching team

Eduardo da Conceiçao (guest teacher), Nuria Casais, Ula Kozminska, Nacho Ruiz Allén, Stine L. Schmidt, Anyana Zimmerman


Studio 3. 2019-2020. Aarhus School of Architecture




The mapping machines are designed to be mobile and lightweight, related to the moving body and serving a temporary purpose. The principles of ‘Design for Disassembly (DfD)’ ensure the mobility of the device and the reuse of its parts, becoming the latter crucial due to its temporality. Therefore, DfD informs decisions and material choices – reflected in joints and robustness. This line of thought is present in Studio 3’s partnership with the Bank of Materials (BOM) and the companies Hitsa, Kvadrat and Carl-Ras.

Since mapping machines are made out of waste and reusable materials, the construction ensures its possible recycling and upcycling the following academic year. Students are encouraged to create ‘Material Passports’ –a description of the initial and current qualities of the materials and components used in their mapping machines and a reflection upon their future usage.

The mapping machines are used to investigate the area of the possible semester’s project site. Students investigate in pairs or groups a selected area, testing its private and public attributes. Placing the mapping machines in a complex setting uncovers existing rules, habits and routines. The focus is towards disruption and change -before and after placing the device in the chosen context.

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