Expanding the Room

Teaching team

Nuria Casais, Ula Kozminska, Nacho Ruiz Allén, Stine L. Schmidt, Anyana Zimmerman


Studio 3. 2019-2020. Aarhus School of Architecture


Haus der Statistik / Werkstatt. Berlin, Germany




The study trip has the extra purpose of creating a temporary studio in Berlin. In connection with the academic year’s main theme: The role of the architect in contemporary society, we explore modes of working in architecture and how it is reflected in space-making for architects as co-inhabitants of impermanent territories and vibrant cultures.

Students establish and work in a temporary studio while, on a daily basis, engage with locals, Berlin-based architects and institutions. The aim is to create a setup that functions as a meta-layer for the semester brief: A workspace for architects and others. The students take agency in their new context and, to some extent, become co-creators of alternative workspaces, moderated by internal and external tutors. The study trip is not an isolated event, but an opportunity for exploring the potential of bridging practice, research, teaching and studying architecture by turning it into a joint venture.

To expand the idea of an open-ended study trip, we initiate Prior and Doing events. Prior it is intended to uncover political and historical layers of Berlin through a series of lectures and common discussions alongside with the development of mapping machines that altogether prepare the students to engage in their new context of Berlin. Doing events the study trip we are hosting an event in Werkstatt, adjacent to our temporary studio at Hause der Statistik. The event gathers our contacts and others around the mapping machines to speculate about the notion of ‘community’ and modes of working in architecture.

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