Intermodal Helix


Nacho Ruiz Allen, José Antonio Ruiz Esquiroz + Ingeniería y Medio Ambiente (IyM)


Lucía Martínez Trejo, Sara López Arraiza


Ayuntamiento de Oviedo


Oviedo, Spain


Steel, glass and light materialised in a helical form. This is how the project could be summed up. The aim is to connect a ten-metre difference in level with the pedestrian walkway; the last remaining section to complete the pedestrian connection between the train and bus station in the centre of Oviedo. On other occasions, it is called an intermodal interchange, but here, its heterodox route does not allow for such a name. Platforms, passageways, bridges, shopping arcades and, finally, the helicoid of the winds, this strange organic and a-typological body. As in any infrastructure, its form is due to its capacity to connect trajectories. As it wanders, glass scales made of three different materials filter the wind, combining the sound of traffic with its whistling. This glass skin will kaleidoscopically multiply the images of road and pedestrian traffic, mixing them with those of the built context and the mutations of the sky.