The InBetween

Teaching team

Francisco Cifuentes, Sebastián Martorell, Guillem Aloy (guest teachers), Nuria Casais, David Tapias Monné, Dan Erik Herman Ljungar, María Álvarez García, Nacho Ruiz Allén


Studio 2C. 2021-2022. Aarhus School of Architecture


Library. Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark




Sebastián Martorell, Niels Rysz Olsen, RAAL


Architecture comes from the making of a room. Architecture comes from the joining of materials.

A Studio 2C intensive workshop (28th March - 1st April 2022) in collaboration with Aulets. It adopts two study themes, the inbetween and learning by building. The knowledge of the place establishes the condition of how to inhabit it. The perception of the place must be extended through the window as a space where the action and the relationship with the outside become a single piece. The window is not only to look outside, but a space to use.

In addition, through learning-to-build-by-building, reflection and action are in resonance. The building process starts from a particular set of local availabilities: materials, tools and techniques, a place, and a specific architectural problem.

The workshop is an activity related to The Escandinavia Project and the models exhibition is included in the programme of the The Escandinavia Symposium. An Architectural Dialogue between Denmark and Spain.