Light up!

Teaching team

Thomas Clemmensen, Nacho Ruiz Allén


Unit 2/3B. 2016-2017. Aarhus School of Architecture




Over a two-week workshop, students are invited to build a ‘ boat’ that metaphorically carries something they consider precious in their life, society or architectural practice. The structures can be figurative or abstract; representing an object, a building, or a set of values.

Similarly, the ‘boats’ can be traditional or futuristic, suggesting new forms of travel. The structures might explore possible future worlds – where buildings are organically grown and boundaries of the natural and architectural world merge. They might reflect the values that seem important to deliver a desirable, egalitarian and sustainable future - sustainable technologies, compassion for those displaced by war or environmental collapse, the suggestion of a built environment that sustains the natural world. Or they might celebrate the beauty of line and form alone. The diversity of structures is tied together aesthetically by the use of the same materials by all students. The ‘boats’ are built using rattan and cane, covered in tissue and PVA glue. They are internally illuminated to give focus to structure and form. They are between one and a half meters and two meters long and carried either by one or two people.

The students at Unit B committed to rethinking the brief and constructing a common landscape, a series of fragments that together build a whole.