Geometries of Castelao

Research team

Nacho Ruiz Allén, Daniel Ruiz Esquíroz (video proyección)

Host institution

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Asturias


Ayuntamiento de Oviedo


Oviedo, Spain




Ignacio Álvarez Castelao (1910-1984) is the most important Asturian architect since the postwar period. His varied architectural production has progressively evolved into a singular work, alienated from mainstream architecture and, at the same time, attentive to the European avant-garde. His numerous works, mainly built in the 50s and 60s, were responsible for the renewal of the urban image of Oviedo. Among the most important ones is the building of the old bus station, the faculties of geology and medicine of the University of Oviedo, the local headquarters of the tax office, or 'El Serrucho' and 'El Serruchín' housing blocks. Despite his outstanding career, Castelao is still a great unknown for most of the inhabitants of the city. Thirty years after his death, actions should be taken to consolidate his legacy in the collective memory of the people of Oviedo.

Geometries of Castelao aims to show some glimpses of Castelao's work to the general public, using the facades of his buildings as an element of inspiration. The geometric rigour of his abstract compositions is the basis of an audiovisual piece created from photographs of his work. As the projection progresses, the images merge, mix and juxtapose, complexifying the geometric relationships of his designs and proposing new abstract universes.