The House of the Architects

Teaching team

Tommy Bruun, Nuria Casais, Ula Kozminska, Nacho Ruiz Allén, Stine L. Schmidt, Anyana Zimmermann


Studio 3. 2019-2020. Aarhus School of Architecture




What are the spaces we need to develop as architects or engage with architecture explicitly? The spaces used by architects are diverse. By analysing where architects meet, learn, share, communicate, think, reflect, agree or expose themselves or/and their work and ideas, we aim to understand the conditions of the different platforms that involve architecture in its programmatic objective. The workshop focuses on spaces created by architects for architects. The findings of this observation trigger the semester projects’ design.

The students, distributed in pairs, analyse spaces designed by architects for architects and/or the architecture discipline. The selected case studies offer a wide range of architectural statements that convey different spatial approaches and construction methodologies over the last century. Each pair investigates and represents in a model the interplay between a pair of opposed attributes present in the space, such as: inside/outside, intimate/extrovert, individual/common, massive/light, open/closed, fixed/movable, private/public, etc.