Incepcion / Impermanence

Teaching team

Sofie Pelsmakers, Nacho Ruiz Allén

Curated by

Karen Kjærgaard


Studio 3. 2018-2019. Aarhus School of Architecture


Nørregade / Nørre Allé. Aarhus, Denmark




Inception, the title of the exhibition project for Arkitekturens Dag, relates to a science-fiction film by Christopher Nolan about planting ideas in other people’s heads and dream incubation. Hence, in this one week workshop, we aim to critically and imaginatively investigate the conceptualisation of ’impermanence’ as related to unstable territorial and environmental conditions, both now and/or as imagined in the future. Not only do students deal with impermanence as a subject, but also as a physical manifestation of a temporary 3D installation in one of the shopfronts along Nørregade and Nørre Allé, in Aarhus. Impermanence is also present in the fleeting nature of passers-by on the street (and customers in the shop) and even what may be sold and consumed in the shops.

How to engage people, and convey a message, that perhaps, is longer-lasting than the exhibition of the installation in the shop window? How to stop people? How to combine ideas of sustainability and permanence with a shop’s reliance on consumption and impermanence for it to survive? How to show the power of creativity and imagination to the local community?