Kiliki House


Nacho Ruiz Allen, José Antonio Ruiz Esquiroz


Lucía Martínez Trejo


Miguel Larraburu Sorozábal (quantity surveyor)


Pamplona, Spain




This is a small project, barely 60 m2, located in the San Juan district of Pamplona. The previous state was excessively compartmentalised, with seven rooms in such a reduced space and a terrace of almost 40 m2 that was underused and almost inaccessible. It is a microarchitecture exercise that aims to resolve the previous claustrophobic situation through several actions:

The demolition and reconstruction of the roof, obtaining a higher space that internally matches the form of the roof. The opening of a large window in the main facade, by means of a large triple sliding window, connecting and expanding the interior with the existing terrace. The interior redistribution, only segregating bedroom and bathroom, and leaving the rest open as a single space that includes the kitchen-living room-dining room-study and terrace areas. Storage space in such a small area is critical. For this reason, most of the partitions are 'duplicated' to generate cupboards or shelves, trying to integrate them into the architectural design. Following the space-saving policy, there is a mezzanine located over the kitchen and bedroom, which could be reached thanks to a folding staircase. The front of the terrace has a longitudinal planter to assure privacy. The outdoor space is ready to get jaima-type awnings installed and prevent direct sunlight in summer.

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